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Use and function of screw pile


         Ground pile is a kind of auger pile.

          Features are bits and tails, bits or tails connected to power source inputs.

 After the pile is driven into the ground, it will not be taken out and used directly as pile body.

          This pile is a multi-purpose pile derived from the "end bearing pile" structure and "load-bearing pile"                     structure in the construction process.

          It can be widely used in the construction of many kinds of ground pile, ground anchor and random                        structure pile.

          The concrete USES of the metal spiral pile include: solar base connection, fixed fence, fence, mobile                   board house, and soft soil.

          Material: welded pipe, blade

Processing technology: whole wringing dragon, blade welding

          Surface treatment process: pickling, hot dip galvanizing

          Compared to traditional cement piles:

          Cost advantage: reduced cement usage

          Environmental advantage: no need to damage the surrounding environment, no need to dig the land and            cement, spiral pile can directly drive into the land,

          Not only reduces the project cost, no mud pollution, muck transportation and construction dust.